Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wimpy Heroes

My mentor says to me, you are making your hero girly. After talking to my hubby one day on the phone she spoke to me. Oh yes, she makes a habit of knowing every member of the family. lol I'm straying from my purpose here, but I'm getting to it. Really, I am. She told me to pattern my hero after my hubby he is an alpha male and they are the action oriented heroes. What an awakening that was for me.

True, I knew he was my hero, but her words reminded me of some of the instances when he'd been there for people in his life including myself. The more I thought about it, I realized I lived with a real live hero. He is an alpha male with a soft core in his heart.

I hate to read about wimpy heroes. lol Even though, I have written my heroes as wimps in the past. I'm trying to break the habit. Okay, I admit it's tough not to write a wimpy hero, but I still don't like to read about them.

A hero is supposed to be tough, take charge and always be heroic when the chance comes. He thinks and he acts, which means he instinctively knows what to do in all instances. A secondary male figure can be wimpy, but not the hero.

This doesn't mean that the hero can't show his softer side. He has to open himself up to his tender side or he wouldn't be the hero. Of course, this is not the most frequent side of him you see but it's there hidden away waiting to come out at the most unexpected times.

What do you think about wimpy heroes? Do you want to read about them in your books, or do you want to read about an alpha male who takes charge.

Sandra K. Marshall


J Hali said...

Sandy, I much prefer the alpha hero but I'm sure I've got what some would consider wimpy somewhere! I'm getting better too *grins*

Love the post.

Anonymous said...

I always love the man to take charge, aka the Alpha man. The Beta man might as well be called the Bitch-man. (Some relationships of mine died because I was 2 much of an Alpha Man).... LOL

Elle J Rossi said...

Hi Sandy,

I am the opposite of you. My heroes have absolutely no wimpy qualities. I actually think I tend to make them too tough, too alpha. I need to work on bringing out their tender side, just a little though. I want them to be strong, tough and of course HOT!

Great post,

Linda LaRoque said...

I must admit I like those alpha heroes but do like to see them show a little emotion. Though they won't admit to being vulnerable to anything, the reader can see what touches their heart.

Sandy said...

Thanks for your comment, J.

It's difficult to write them. lol

Sandy said...

Hi Anonymous,

It's a difficult balancing act for a man to be alpha, but still have a bit of beta in him. lol

Thanks for your comment.

Sandy said...

Thanks for coming by Elle.

I prefer the alpha tough guy, too. They are just difficult to write. lol

Sandy said...

Yeah, Linda, I agree. There's always a time to show the tender side, but still be the tough guy.

Thanks for your comment.

Diana Castilleja said...

I think there's a line between wimpy and sensitive while still being an alpha. Wimpy heroes really aren't heroic in the natural sense. But a hero who is confident while still being sensitive when necessary can be a great read.

Sandy said...

Diana, you hit the perverbial nail on the head. Very perceptive.

Thanks for stopping by.

EmilyBryan said...

I think the reason we have difficulties writing alpha males is because they are wired so differently than most women. I confess to being a total Beta myself. But I don't want my hero to be one!

It's all about balance--soft/hard, sensitive/strong. Men and women are supposed to compliment each other. If the guy is just a girl in disguise, the story and the relationship is going to be totally out of balance.

Charisma Knight said...

Oh Yeah, I alpha male for me!! I love for my heroes to take charge, but they must show their softer sides as well!

Anonymous said...

I like a man who cries (whenever someone dies, declaring love), other than that, he's an alpha man.

Sandy said...


Thank you for your great comment.

Sandy said...

You're right, Charisma.

Thanks for coming by.

Sandy said...

Another Anonymous. I like to have a man show emotion when the time is appropriate. What is better than the loss of someone he cares about.

Carla Cassidy said...

Having married an Italian alpha I will admit that sometimes they are irritating, but I love the alpha in him.

The best part is that they are so strong that when they show a hint of vulnerability it's a true gift.

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

I'm for the Alpha through and through! I actually have a hard time taming down my heroes, and then the story becomes a journey for me to tug at their heart strings and appeal to the emeotional side they repress almost automatically. That, for me, is the fun of writing Alphas, on top of them being the kind of strong and always-there men who should be paired up with my heroines.

Very good post, Sandy!


Sandy said...


You're right the alpha male can be irritating at times, whether he's Italian or not.

It's always a gift when they show their vulnerability.

Thanks for coming in, Carla.

Sandy said...

Thank you, Z.

I wish I had your problem of needing to tame the alpha male in my stories down. It's been a life-long goal of mine to tame the one I have in real life. lol We both know that ain't happening. Wink!