Friday, October 16, 2009

Introducing Master and Commander’s Prey

Over a year ago I was handed a challenge. I had to write something not in my genre (time travel) and I had to follow a very specific plot (man vs. situation with adaptation as the main thematic premise). The result was Master and Commander's Prey.

My plan was simple. Make a story hot, with a plot and not have it all sex. Not an easy plan to accomplish when you have publishers out there who want you to add more heat at every turn. That wasn't for me. I can write sex at every turn if need be, but I wanted this story to have, and not to insult anybody, a modicum of class. Something where not only the heat was memorable but also the characters.

First I began with a very basic concept. I made Time a predator. Some say it's our friend or even a companion, but that wasn't going to work for Master and Commander's Prey. It needed to have teeth and an ulterior motive. Thus the story began unfolding around a simple premise – I gave the existential antagonist of 'time' teeth which lent meat to the story.

Introducing Shiloh Montgomery-Moore. She's a heroine like many young women out there. Attitude abounds and she's got some big emotional baggage. So, what can she do when she's whisked back in time and meets Captain Jacob Wolfson? Jacob's a hero who not only comes across alpha but he's got his own issues to deal with. Combine a modern day woman with a military man and the sparks flew.

Then, partnering it with my thematic premise of the traveler adapting to the new time period, I came up with a story I love. It's hot. It has a plot. The characters are great. What more can you ask for?

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Sandy said...

Master and Commander's Prey is a terrific story.

You definitely achieved your goal, T.J.