Monday, August 17, 2009

With Love, from Ms. Blush

Hello to you all wonderful, beautiful people!

Well, we're supposed to be talking about sex... The good, the bad, the nasty, the darn ugly... and the downright stupid!

Did I just say, stupid? Yes, and I'm echoing the words of one of the driving forces behind this blog. Catch us this week and find out what we're talking about!

So, what do sex and ambition have to do together? No, we're not talking couch-based promotion. Frankly cannot believe that still exists, but it does, sadly... Sigh

Still, what does a writer do when stringing ambition, writing, and sex in the same sentence? We attempt some answers for you.

Catch T.J. on Tuesday as she asks us where our ambition got lost when erotica started to burn trails down the publishers' paths. Don't miss this post, coz it's very insightful!

On Tursday, Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) takes a page off T.J.'s book and pens her own post on where she lost herself in the maze of trying to go down the erotica route. She poses a few questions and tells a bit about where and how sex and characters fit in a story.

And on Friday, don't miss Sandra Marshall's post on the whole issue of sex and heat in writing!

Don't forget:

This August, we're turning up the dial where the heat is concerned.

This August, we're on the quest:

Searching for a blast of heat...

The best of us for the best of you, that's our promise as we deliver the full flush of romance.

From now till later, enjoy!

With love, from Ms. Blush

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