Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There is a Fine Line

Most authors can draw an imaginary line in their heads and say, 'this is the point I won't step over'. It's not unusual. In fact, it is necessary. If you look at most publishers' websites, you can see what they will take and what they won't. Some of it is pretty standard other aspects are a little gray. There are a few who give you leeway, while others are period and point blank – no, no, no.

You always have to remember there are some aspects of reality in this world that can't be delved into unless you are writing on-fiction. Believe me, these are tough subject and tough content to take on.

The fact is, reality is a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to penning a story. Take the reality too far and you can land in the realm of the unsellable or you can find yourself in the town called Bland and Boring.

Bland and boring often happens when realism takes over the story. The blow by blow of everyday life where every meal is gone over and the daily habits of a character/s becomes droll. Life is boring. Look at me. I'm sitting at my computer typing this blog post. I'll tell you, I have a cup of tea on the corner and am about to change the channel from Antiques Road Show.

See, boring.

Another story line that can bring on the yawns is utopian writing. Utopian is often used in Spec-fic, but it is done in a way to either up the emotional drive by having the Utopian culture fall into chaos or the foil of an outsider entering, and shaking up, the perfection of bliss. Romance has become a watershed for the global HEA. That would be where everybody gets to live in the golden glow of everything is perfectly fine.

Now, I don't mind it when the hero and heroine find the coveted happily ever after, but what about the antagonist? What if you have a villain? What if you have a couple of bad rats in there? Do they really deserve an HEA?

That's a question for the author. The other side of the coin is does this come across as realistic?

Unequivocally, no.

There is a fact in writing there must be a balance between good and bad, reality and fiction. You have to know the lines you can step over and the ones that are clearly etched in the concrete.


So, tell me, is there a line or am I off the mark. Should characters be punished when they step over the line or do you prefer a global HEA?

I do hope you have enjoyed our month on reality in writing.

Until next Tuesday, cheers and happy writing,



Editor-in-Chief, Eirelander Publishing


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Sandy said...


I would never write about my life as it would be too boring. lol

However, I could take some espects of my life and heighten the reality so it becomes exciting. Just have to leave out all of the boring stuff. Grin.

Another wonderful post, T.J.