Monday, January 26, 2009

With Love From Ms. Blush

Hello to you all wonderful, beautiful people!

It's already the final week of January and we'll be bringing you a little bit more about the quest for Identity.

Remember , in the past weeks, each one of us has taken you on a trip to find out more about your identity as a writer and about the identity of your work.

T.J. has explained about the defining aspect of the impact moment for your characters, and then she followed it up with a little expose on how to plant your characters in the story using basis and logic.

Sandra gave us a peek as to who she is in her post about her identity as a writer.

Angela then blogged to show us the multiple facets of her that make the woman and the writer she is, and how these facets mingle and merge to create characters, and how characters can influence the writer too.

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) started her topic on how to find your ID calling card in the writing world and she followed with how to further this ID and make it work for you using he branding strategy.

So, what do we have in store for you this week?

T.J. will have another scintillating one for you tomorrow as she delves yet again into the inner workings of a story and its characters.

On Wednesday, we welcome another weekly contributor - Diana Castilleja will make her debut and will tell us about her take on the world of writing, marketing and promotion.

On Thursday, Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) will conclude the final leg of her topic on Branding. Catch her as she tells you a bit more how to 'escape' the pitfalls of branding strategy.

Friday, get ready to meet Prudence Tempest, her hunky colleague Malcolm who features in all her dreams and fantasies, her pain-in-the-arse other colleague, Des (shiver here, will ya?), and the boss from hell, Marie.
Last time we met them, Prudence was being sent on a hands-on job with Malcolm.
What will happen now? Catch us, and you'll know!

Join us as we continue

Searching for an identity...

The best of us for the best of you, that's our promise as we deliver the full flush of romance.

From now till later, enjoy!

With love, from Ms. Blush

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